Before I tell you about myself, let’s talk about you.


Yes, you.


How are you?


Have you felt trapped and unhappy in your relationship lately?


Maybe you have been with someone for so long… that you have forgotten why you are together anymore?
Perhaps you love each other, but he can’t give you what you need?
Or maybe the unthinkable has happened, and he has cheated on you?


Hi, my name is Vera Chu, and I started writing because I wanted to help women in their relationships. Many years ago, I was stuck in a toxic relationship with a man who constantly put me down, and finally cheated on me. Perhaps that should have turned me into a bitter cynic, swearing off love as an illusion for fools. Or galvanised me into starting my own little warfare against men to break their hearts. I neither did nor became the other.


Instead, as I struggled to come to terms with the cruel hand of fate, I began searching for answers. I found comfort in reading, and devoured book after book of relationship psychology and self-help advice. I realised that much of my pain was a result of some poor choices I had made which could have been avoidable. Not only that but these choices were reflective of a mindset and attitude that needed to change. How do we meet Mr. Right after all, if we weren’t the right woman in the first place?


Not long after I had realised and accepted this, I met a wonderful man who showed me what it genuinely meant to love someone. We are now on our lifelong journey as husband and wife.


Today I write, because I want to share with you the lessons I have learnt from my mistakes, past and present (I’m still learning). And though it may be hard for you to believe now, I wish for you to know that there is hope for a better future.


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